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Sir Donnerhall II in recovery


In the early hours of Wednesday morning sport- and breeding stallion Sir Donnerhall II received severe injuries in his stall at Falsterbo Horse Show - requiring operation and cast on one hindleg, his future is still unsure

Morgan and Sir Donnerhall II in their competition debut together
Morgan and Sir Donnerhall II in their competition debut together
14-07-2013 11:38:00, by Kim Lundin

Stallion Sir Donnerhall II by Sandro Hit /Donnerhall was on the entry lists for the 7-year-old championships at Falsterbo Horse Show with his new owner Spanish Olympic rider Morgan Barbançon Mestre. The stallion has has competed a lot, third in the WBYCH in Verden last year with Thomas Sightenbjerggaard, and is a smooth traveller, says Andreas Helgstrand, trainer for Morgan and Sir Donnerhall II has been in his stable since 2011/2012.

The stallion had been checked on by his groom for the night and was calm and tranquil in his stall but half an hour later the owner got a call that it was an emergency in the stable. It is assumed that Sir Donnerhall II has lied down and got stuck with three legs under the walls of the temporary mobile stalls standing on soft sand and grass. The stallion fought violently to get up and escape the grip from the wall causing skin and flesh to rip from the bone on three legs, especially one hind leg where the skeletal parts are showing.

He was shipped to Helsingborg Animal Hospital for emergency care, surgery and a cast on the worst injured hindleg. The first days after surgery has been very critical incase infection would take a grip. Dir Donnerhall II can now with much caution move around in walk and shows no sign of fever and infection. How he will recover, how much damage is still to be defined, it is very uncertain for the moment.

For the new owners this is very frustrating to say the least to have this horrible experience with the amazing stallion and future competition partner to Morgan. It is once again confirmed that competition stalls without a good firm ground to build on is a considerable risk for the horses staying in these stalls. Sir Donnerhall II's fight for release caused the whole wall of the stall to fall out and break.

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Sir Donnerhall II injured at Falsterbo Horse Show


Sir Donnerhall II and Morgan Barbancon were about to start in the 7-year-old championship in Falsterbo when the stallion injured himself in his stalls in a feak accident over night

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Legendary eventer knighted: Sir Mark Todd


A legend in his own time and most famous now active eventer - the kiwi has made it to the Queen's honorary list

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Sa Coeur wins World Championship

Dressage Sa Coeur is French and means either “his heart” or “her heart”, and today, Sa Coeur conquered many hearts in Verden. The Oldenburg gelding by Sir Donnerhall – Don Davidoff won the World Breeding Dressage Championships for five-year-old horses with a final score of 9.38 under the cautious direction of Eva Möller

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SWB: Seven approved jumper stallions


Most of the phase II jumper stallions were approved only Nimble (DWB) did not pass the filter of the stallion commission

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Donnerhall dominates the dressage sport

Breeding & Sport King of dressage horse breeding, Donnerhall, struck as the leading sire at the CHIO Aachen 2012 more than ever. Nevertheless, in recent years the No. 1 spot on the WBFSH dressage sire ranking has been occupied by Jazz

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EEC: Dressage Day II Nordic riders (upd 17:59)


#eventinglive Four riders starts today for Sweden in the HSBC FEI European Eventing Championships 2013. Sara Algotsson-Ostholt and Reality goes into runner-up position

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Donnerhall reigns at national championships

Breeding & Sport

This weekend the late stallion Donnerhall reigned as the sire of the national champions at the German and Danish dressage championships

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FEI Lifetime Achievement Award


Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II today became the first recipient of the FEI Lifetime Achievement award in recognition of her leading role as supporter of equestrian sport throughout her reign as British monarch

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Moorsele CDIO-P/J/YR: Swedish success (upd)


For the first time in many years Sweden has a Young Rider with international victories - Marina Mattsson on Double Diamond II (SWB)  

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Nordic Interstallion project Part I


First in our series about this Nordic research project is the work to merge competition data from Nordic horses and the results so far, pat II will dig further into the same subject

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