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UPDATE Polish neglect case leads to stud-search in Denmark


The Polish authorities and Animal welfare organisation rescued appr. 50 horses in Poland. John Byrialsens stud Viegaard(DEN) has been searched by Danish police, no serious cases of neglect were found

Photo from the Youtube-film published by the Polish Animal welfare organisation. A very weak and emaciated horse is loaded on to a trailer, barely able to walk by himself.
Photo from the Youtube-film published by the Polish Animal welfare organisation. A very weak and emaciated horse is loaded on to a trailer, barely able to walk by himself.
13-08-2013 19:58:00, by Kim Lundin

Local Polish authorities have acted promptly and swiftly, their staff have inventoried the close to 300 horses on the Polish farm near Posadowo that is said to either be owned by Danish breeder John Byrialsen or leased by him. The ownership of the neglected horses have been established, they belong to John Byrialsen.

The film on the right show part of the huge rescue operation, various net sources mention 46 rescued horses, others talk about 64 horses. The majority of the horses are placed in the care of local stable owners with enough room to house one or two more.

While the worst part of the neglect has been taken care of in Posadowo, Poland, John Byrialsen run the risk of being charged by the Polish authorities for neglect and abuse of his horses, if convicted it can mean several years in prison.

When the affaire surfaced in Denmark many former employees have contacted evening paper Ekstrabladet and Berlingske Tidende as well as with stories about  neglect and abuse of the horses at Byrialsen's Danish stud over the years, Viegaard Stud, where he keeps stallions like Come Back II and Lobster. All wish to remain anonymous, one has provided recent photos from the Danish stud showing two emaciated  youngsters, standing up but very much  in the same condition as the Polish horses. The reports have been enough for the Danish police to act and today two police officers and three employees from the Food Administration Region North were on the scene at the stud in Skals on Jutland in Denmark to investigate if there are any truth to the rumours.


According to TV Midt Vest the animal inspectors accompanying the police in the search found the following cases of minor neglect:
1 horse needs veterinary care for an eye injury/infection
15 horses need to go on a controlled feeding plan, i.e gain more weight
9 horses needs help from a farrier due to neglected hoof care

According to the inspectors the findings are nowhere near what has been shown from the Polish Posodowa farm owned/leased by Joh Byrialsen.

John Byrialsen keeps avoiding contact with the press.

TV Midt-Vest

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