ID-nummer: RSDH 577
Alder: 10 år
Stangmål: 147 cm
Spring: M
Dressur: S
Military: S
Farve: Lys Brun
Race: Dansk Sportspony
Køn: Hoppe
Hestedata: Rideresultater, indekstal og meget mere
Prisniveau 150 - 250.000 DKK
Far: CE ROBERTO (ESPH 174) FF: FS CHAMPION DE LUXE (DE343430672598) FFF: FS COCKY DUNDEE (DE302021688891)
FFM: FS GOLDEN FLEUR (DE343448135993)
FM: DRESY-FRÖHLICH (DE341411066196) FMF: DRESSMAN I (DE341420013788)
FMM: MARINA (DE341420378279)
Mor: WENGELO'S VEA (EBSDH 160) MF: JULIO MARINER XX (GB) (DE306064163675) MFF: BLAKENEY XX (GB) (DE306064320466)
MFM: SET FREE XX (GB) (DE306064417964)
MMM: PAULA (M22823)
Stamtavlen er hentet ind automatisk fra SEGES, Heste


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Do you want to be Nordic Champion - and perhaps European Champion?
Then Rolsted Viola is the right eventing pony for you. Viola has just become individual number 2 in the Nordic Championships in Eventing, gold winner with the Danish National Team for the Nordic Championships 2019, and in spring 2019 she won CCIP1 * in Strzegom. In 2018, Viola became No. 2 in the Danish Eventing Championships. Viola also delivers good results in S dressage and MB showjumping.

Viola is only 10 years old - and she has the potential to be in the European top of CCIP2 ** in eventing, S-level in showjumping and with her good gaits to PRM level in dressage. Unfortunately, we will not reach it together, since I just turned 16 years old. That's why Viola is looking for a new and experienced rider to celebrate the next victories.

Viola is a picturesque pony, which by many dressage judges is termed "elegant", "beautiful" and "smart". Viola has a fantastic descent - and several of her siblings are / have been in the European dressage top. Viola has also bred a single foal: Rolsted's Don Disco. Don Disco, like her mother, is very well-proportioned, and was awarded a silver medal at his election. You can therefore also use Viola as a top-breed breeder when you are not going to ride Viola any more.

Viola has a fantastic temperament. She is very sensitive and therefore requires a rider who is both experienced and wants to spend time cuddling. Viola is easy to handle, and goes straight to the trailer. We have been driving around Europe with Viola, and she takes long trips. very relaxed.

Want to be at the top of the European pony sport? Then call +45 25 48 73 79 now.
Videos can be sent by serious inquiries.

Price: 30,000 Euro. New customized saddles, etc. can be purchased.

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Navn: Trine Richter
Adresse: Møllebakken 7b
Postnr.: 3740
By: Svaneke
Land: Danmark
Telefon: 25487379
Mobil: 25487379


Postnr.: 3740
By: Svaneke
Land: Danmark